Bookish (and not so bookish) thoughts

Hi guys. Bookish (and not so bookish) thoughts is a meme created by bookishly boisterous. This meme gives book bloggers a chance to dabble in areas besides books (but those are welcome too).

1. Yesterday I did a workshop in making dog collars. It was tons of fun. I learned a lot.
I forgot a lot to haha. Especially the beginning, the most important part. Maybe I can get an explanation from the woman who gave the workshop, I hope so. Here is the result:


2. I need to start getting in to shape again. I started running a couple of weeks ago but I haven’t been consistently doing it. Bad, bad me. I want to lose twenty-two pounds before the summer. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it but we will see.

3. Tonight I have agility with my dog. I can just see she loves to do it. Not all of it though, sometimes she gets scared. She needs to build confidence. Just as I do, I am not that confident either. I am constantly afraid I am doing something wrong. `I have always thought that perfection was key, but I need to learn that not everything needs to be perfect especially right away.

4. I had my weekend away and as expected my OCD started to act up. At some point I really wanted to go home, but I fought the urge and stayed. In the end I enjoyed the weekend. Although I still can’t shake the feeling that there was something wrong, amiss about the weekend. I can’t really explain it, my OCD works in mysterious ways.

5. As you might have seen my books came in the mail. I am so excited to read them all. I really need to fight the urge to put my current TBR on hold and read the new books.

6. I am going to start reading The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater. I loved the first book, I hope I love this one just as much.

7. This weekend I am planning to go to the movies with my boyfriend. We want to see Logan. It’s supposed to be really good. By the way has anybody seen Fifty Shades Darker yet? Was it any good?

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