5 things on Sunday

5 Things on Sunday is a weekly meme created by reads and treats. Each week, host Kendra lists a topic and invites you to create a list of 5 things!

This week the topic is 5 words that describe your week.

Hectic. I had a lot on my plate. You would think that with me not going to school or work I would have lots of free time, but unfortunately I don’t. This week was hectic. Especially the weekend since I was away and couldn’t do the things I planned to do.

Hobby. I had a lot of fun making my own dog leashes. I am addicted.

Sickness. My mental problems were at the forefront this last week. I can tell you it wasn’t fun.

Red wine. I took part in a self orchestrated wine tasting this weekend. It was tons of fun.

Family. I spend a lot of time with my family. My mom takes me to obedience and agility, so I saw her a lot. And then their was the weekend with my in laws.

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One thought on “5 things on Sunday

  1. Kendra says:

    Oh no, I hope this week has been a little better for you ❤ Trust me, I know all about mental illness. It definitely can be difficult sometimes. Lots of hugs for you!

    Making dog leashes sounds fun! I bet they're so pretty too!


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