Shelf control

Shelf control is a meme created by bookshelf fantasies. It’s a weekly feature in which you choose a book already on you shelf or ereader en do a blogpost about it.

This week I would like to focus my attention on the following book:


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Title: The Art of Being Normal
Author: Lisa Williamson
Published: 2015
Length: 353 pages

What it’s about (synopsis via Goodreads):

Two boys. Two secrets.

David Piper has always been an outsider. His parents think he’s gay. The school bully thinks he’s a freak. Only his two best friends know the real truth – David wants to be a girl. 

On the first day at his new school Leo Denton has one goal – to be invisible. Attracting the attention of the most beautiful girl in year eleven is definitely not part of that plan. 

When Leo stands up for David in a fight, an unlikely friendship forms. But things are about to get messy. Because at Eden Park School secrets have a funny habit of not staying secret for long …

How I got it:
I bought it via a site called

When I got it:
This book has been on my shelves for ages. I can’t believe I haven’t picked it up yet.

Why I want to read it:
This is a diverse book and as I’ve told a couple of times I want to read more diversely. I don’t know much about being transgender and I want to learn more. I want to broaden my horizon and know more about the people that live in this world. It is said to include a whole spectrum of topics. Of course sexuality and gender but also bullying, family relationships, poverty and abandonment. That intrigues me because it can easily be to much. Is it in this book? Anyway for those of you who have already read it, would you recommend I pick it up soon?

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One thought on “Shelf control

  1. Lisa says:

    This sounds like it could be a great read! I remember seeing the cover when it came out, but hadn’t heard much about the plot. I’ll be interested in hearing what you think once you read it!


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