5 things on Sunday

5 Things on Sunday is a weekly meme created by reads and treats. Each week, host Kendra lists a topic and invites you to create a list of 5 things!

This weeks topic revolves around the things you don’t like about winter.

1.  The cold. Absolutely hate that it’s cold. Although I love myself a sweatshirt, I don’t want to put it under a thick coat, a shawl and so on.
2. The fact that It gets dark so early. I don’t like It. I have to walk my dog and the dark makes it scary. I am a little bit afraid of the dark. Watched to much criminal minds haha.
3. Having a constant cold. I have a cold for over a month now. It doesn’t seem to go away, don’t know what to do anymore.
4. Slippery roads. In the Netherlands a lot goes by bicycle. Being on a slippery road with your bicycle is scary as hell.
5. Getting from outside to inside. Your fingers will hurt, omg.

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2 thoughts on “5 things on Sunday

  1. Literary Feline (Wendy) says:

    You are so right! It feels as if I have a constant cold during colder parts of winter. I imagine your winter is much colder than mine though. I don’t like that it is darker longer either. I leave for work and come home in the dark and it feels like I miss out on the entire day. Thank you for sharing your list! I hope you have a great week!


  2. Kendra says:

    Ahhh, Criminal Minds is the exact reason why I can’t walk in the dark!!! Well, that and Law and Order: SVU. Haha!

    Thanks for participating this week! Sorry my reply is so delayed!


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