Shelf control

Shelf control is a meme created by bookshelf fantasies. It’s a weekly feature in which you choose a book already on you shelf or ereader en do a blogpost about it.

This week I would like to focus my attention on the following book:


Goodreads | Bookdepository

Author: Emma Donoghue
Published: 2010
Length: 321 pages

What it’s about (synopsis via Goodreads):
To five-year-old Jack, Room is the entire world. It is where he was born and grew up; it’s where he lives with his Ma as they learn and read and eat and sleep and play. At night, his Ma shuts him safely in the wardrobe, where he is meant to be asleep when Old Nick visits.

Room is home to Jack, but to Ma, it is the prison where Old Nick has held her captive for seven years. Through determination, ingenuity, and fierce motherly love, Ma has created a life for Jack. But she knows it’s not enough…not for her or for him. She devises a bold escape plan, one that relies on her young son’s bravery and a lot of luck. What she does not realize is just how unprepared she is for the plan to actually work.

Told entirely in the language of the energetic, pragmatic five-year-old Jack, Room is a celebration of resilience and the limitless bond between parent and child, a brilliantly executed novel about what it means to journey from one world to another.

How I got it:
I bought it via a site called

When I got it:
I honestly don’t know anymore. A while ago. This book as been on my shelves for quiet some time.

Why I want to read it:
First of all, doesn’t the synopsis not draw you in immediately? It did for me. There’s something so fascinating about the synopsis. I can’t really explain it. Perhaps is the fact that it gives me the creeps, although I don’t know why. Not only the synopsis is intriguing, also the fact that it’s written from the point of view of a five-year old intrigues me. Second, I heard so many great things about this book. Al lot of either book bloggers or book tubers that I trust have given this book a five star rating. Third, there’s a movie already out and I wanna see it. Before I see the movie though I have got to read the book!

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