5 things on Sunday

5 Things on Sunday is a weekly meme created by reads and treats. Each week, host Kendra lists a topic and invites you to create a list of 5 things!

This weeks topic revolves around 5 things you need a lifetime supply of.

  1. bol.com giftcards. I live in the Netherlands and my go to shop for books is bol.com. With having a lifetime supply of these giftcards I could by all the books. I need all the books.
  2. Dog food. I have a lovely groendael. And she needs to eat. To have a lifetime supply of food on hand would be much appreciated.
  3. Sports clothes. Although I don’t go running that often and do not yet participate in an other sport.  I love owning sports clothes. There just so beautiful.
  4. Nutella. I absolutely love that stuff. It’s just so yummy
  5. Shoes. I don’t own that many, 1 or 2 pairs. Sneakers, pumps, boots, slippers, I need them all. The most of them are just so gorgeous.

I hope I correctly commented on this topic.


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